DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS SHOPPINGThey say Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year, but the day after Christmas  has to be a close second. While a lot of us are content to relax at home after a hectic holiday shopping season, many people will brave the crowds once again.

There are several reasons for this shopping spree.  The first reason that people are likely to hit the stores December 26, is returns. They have to get the right size, or exchange a duplicate item, or maybe they just can’t stand the ugly sweater from Aunt Beth and they want to get something that fits their own taste a bit more.

Another reason people will be hitting the stores on the 26th is those gift cards they got are burning a hole in their pockets.  Retailers know this and will usually have pretty good sales running, to get people to spend those cards.

The last reason for the crowds is the one I will be taking advantage of those after Christmas sales on holiday items. Of course, I’m talking about the 50 to 75 percent off sales on wrapping paper, ornaments, decorations, Christmas candy and more. Want to stock up for next year? This is the time to do it! Many of these items will be Christmas themed, but not all.  So some of these items will be able to be used throughout the year rather than waiting until next December.

WRAPPING PAPER – Sure, most Christmas wrapping paper is festooned with snowmen and Santa, but chances are good that you’ll find some relatively neutral colors in the bargain bin, too. Grab as much of this as your can find, because you can use it for just about any occasion. Does this mean you’ll never have to pay full price for wrapping paper again? Why yes, I think it does. You will probably also find tape reduced (I sure hope so, as I am about out)

SCENTED CANDLES /Air Fresheners– Holiday-scented candles and air fresheners will be among the items stores will practically give away after the big day. Unlike some of the obviously festive wrapping paper, most “Christmas” candles can be used year round. Sugar cookies in April? You bet! Cranberry spice in August? Why not?!

PAPER PRODUCTS:  A couple of years ago I was able to score a really good deal on green solo cups.  They didn’t have any winter/Christmas decorations on them, they were just a Christmasy color.  I was also able to get a good deal on red Saran Wrap.  The box had a picture of cookies on it, but the plastic wrap was just red.  I have no problem wrapping my left overs in red plastic.  Theme wise it will also work great for Valentine’s Day and 4th of July also.  ZipLock/Hefty bags usually go on clearance too. The ones I have gotten in the past, have had Christmas designs on them, but once again, they hold left overs, and things like batteries at my house, I don’t care if it has a design on it.

FOOD/CANDY- Most of these items won’t last until next December, but you can still take advantage of them at a great price.  Pre-made cookie dough (Nestle, Pillsbury).  Chocolate (like the red/white striped Hershey kisses) as well as the Lifesaver books will be reduced.  Egg nog and Christmas flavored creamers will  most likely go down as well.

GIFT SETS- These are perfectly good to use all year long.  Axe, Olay, Gillette,… etc don’t make Christmas scented shaving cream or body wash, they are just packaged together to make a nice gift.  This is the best time of year to stock up on some of these hygiene items, as they will be on sale, and many times there are coupons to match.

DECORATIONS- This is a biggie.  Why wait to buy a new tree next Nov/December at full price when you can get one now for at least 50% off, maybe more.

When you plan your day after Christmas shopping trip, try to arrive early (when the store opens is probably best), because there will be plenty of like-minded shoppers to compete with, and the good stuff will be gone before you know it! From my past experiences, most items will start at 50%off and the longer the items sit there, the lower the price is going to go.  However, a lot of people aren’t going to wait and see how low things will go, they are going to snag it at 50%.  So if you wait to see if something will go lower than 50% off, you may just miss out on it to the person that was happy with 50% off.

Our team of admins is in the process of putting together a list of coupons (both printable and from the inserts) that will help you to score some even better deals on the items mentioned above.  So stay tuned and keep checking back for our list.

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