Dishwasher vs. Hand washing: 5 ways the dishwasher can help you save on all sorts of things

dishwasherDishes. They’re nobody’s favorite chore, but until they invent dishes that clean themselves, somebody has to do it, right? The only question (from a money savings standpoint, at least) is whether to wash them by hand or use a dishwasher. The answer is dishwasher, but more on that later.

According to EnergyStar, money isn’t the only thing you’ll save by firing up the dishwasher. Here are five things – including cash – you also save by letting your Whirlpool do the dirty work for you.

SAVE MONEY – Washing your dishes with an EnergyStar-rated dishwasher can cut your utility bills by more than $40 per year.

SAVE TIME – Handwashing your dishes takes time – lots of time. Using a dishwasher only requires you to load and unload the machine and press a few buttons. The total annual savings is more than 230 hours. That’s about 10 full days of your life, which you can use to clip coupons!

SAVE ENERGY AND WATER – An Energy Star dishwasher uses roughly half the energy that washing dishes by hand does (remember the money savings earlier?). Dishwashers are also designed to accomplish a lot more with a lot less water. How much less water? Nearly 5,000 gallons of water less than filling up the sink and running the tap.

SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT – Using less energy and water means dishwashers are better for Mother Earth than hand-washing. According to a study at the University of Bonn in Germany, dishwashers use half the energy, one-sixth of the water, and a lot less soap!

SAVE DIRTY DISHES – An Energy Star dishwasher gets your dishes cleaner that washing dishes by hand. It’s not a cleanliness you’re likely to notice with the naked eye, either. Since dishwashers use water heated to 140 degrees and include heated drying settings, they offer better disinfection than old fashioned sink-and-hand methods.

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