Coupon Clipping Services 101: 6 reasons to use a clipping service

coupon clipping serviceWe’ve talked in the past about the TLC show “Extreme Couponers,” which features people who are able to save insane amounts on their weekly grocery trip thanks to the ability to collect 60 or 70 of the same great coupon on an already low-cost item.

How are those couponers able to collect so many of those coupons? No, they don’t buy 60 or 70 newspapers – they use a coupon clipping service.

In this two-part series (possibly three parts), we’ll take a closer look at coupon clipping services and how they work. The good thing about clipping services? They’re not just for extreme couponers. Here are six reasons why you – an average couponer who might want to take your game to the next level – might use a clipping service:

1. You want to save more money on the things you use most often.

Have you ever found a great coupon for something your family uses on a regular basis? Inevitably, you end up wishing there was some way to get 10 or 15 more of those coupons. That’s exactly what a clipping service can do!

2. You don’t want to purchase additional Sunday papers just to get a few coupons.

The Sunday paper is a treasure trove of coupons, but shelling out two bucks per paper to gain just a few of the most useful coupons will eat into your savings faster than a teenager eats into your stockpile of Pop Tarts. A coupon clipping service allows you to accumulate 10 or 20 of the same coupon often for the price of a single paper.

3. You live in an area that doesn’t offer the coupon you’re looking for.

It’s a fact of life that companies don’t distribute coupons to all areas. For example, a brand like Bumblebee might typically only pays for Sunday paper inserts for its tuna in regions where its product is a big seller, possibly leaving your area without access to the coupon.

4. You don’t want to mess around with printing coupons online.

Printing coupons online is a great way to gain some extra savings, but dealing with a printer and making sure it has enough ink can be a hassle. A clipping service makes that hassle a thing of the past.

5. You don’t have time to clip coupons.

Let’s face it, combing through the Sunday paper and clipping dozens of coupons is a time-consuming task. A clipping service helps you cut out that task by buying coupons that someone else has already gathered for you.

6. You’re willing to pay someone to do the hard work for you.

This is the catch-all reason to use a clipping service. Most clipping services are started and operated by people just like you, who own a good pair of scissors and love to use them. The only difference is, they buy lots of newspapers and don’t mind spending 20 or 30 hours a week clipping coupons and selling them to people who need them.

If you are looking for a recommendation on a good clipping service, you definitely want to check out our friends over at Wiz Clipz. The site is very easy to use. Everything is a 10 pack, meaning that if you order (1) pack of coupons, you are getting (10) of that one coupon. In addition they offer rewards points for customer loyalty, super fast shipping, and a great selection of coupons from all over the country.

If you still aren’t sold that a clipping service is the way to go, but you need to fix your Sunday Paper problem, check out Insert Insanity. They have coupon inserts from one of the best areas in the entire country. In many cases, you can order just the coupon inserts for cheaper than you are able to get your local paper. One thing is for sure: their coupons are better than 99% of the country!


  1. Thanks a bunch. I’ve used a service many times in the past few years it’s very convenient to get 20 coupons instead of 1 or 2 from the paper! I do dumpster dive tho my kids get annoyed but often I get expired ones.


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