Save on booking cruiseIf you’ve been watching the news, a cruise might be the last vacation option on your mind. It’s understandable, of course, but don’t let the horror stories about one stranded cruise ship steer you away from what could be a fantastic vacation on the high seas.

In this two-part series, we’ll pack our bags (don’t forget your swim suit!) and discuss money-saving tactics when taking a floating vacation. In today’s entry, we’ll review four tips to save money when booking the cruise. In the second part, we’ll take a closer look at how to save a little dough after you board the ship.

BOOK DURING “WAVE” SEASON – Knowing when to book your cruise can help you save plenty of cash. The best period, know as “wave” season, is from January to March. That’s when cruise lines offer the best deals and extras, including cabin upgrades, onboard credits and free airfare.

CRUISE IN THE OFF SEASON – Just like any vacation, travelling during the least busy seasons are a great way to cut costs. For Caribbean cruises, April is usually the cheapest month to travel, while April, May and September are the best months for Mediterranean trips. In addition to being cheaper, cruises during the off season also mean fewer crowds and cooler temperatures!

BOOK A FLIGHT SEPARATELY – Many cruise lines offer all-inclusive airfare and cruise packages, but those bundles aren’t always a good idea. That’s because the airfare is usually overpriced to begin with, which means any discount they give you isn’t much of a savings. Instead, book your own flight and take advantage of the ability to customize your air travel to suit your needs.

BOOK YOUR NEXT CRUISE ON YOUR CRUISE – Enjoying your cruise? Then consider booking your next voyage while still on the ship! Most cruise lines aren’t shy about encouraging you to pay a visit to the onboard booker and it’s something you should definitely consider doing. Some of the best rates, credits and perks can be had by at-sea travelers. The only people who WON’T be booking another trip at sea? Probably those poor vacationers you’ve been hearing about on the news.


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