6 sweet treats for your Valentine’s Day sweetheart

Valentine's desserts

Valentine’s Day is the sweetest of all the holidays, so it only makes sense that you’d want to whip something up for your sweetheart on that special day. But what should you make? For inspiration, I scoured Delish.com and came up with these six delicious ways to say “I love you!”

NO-BAKE MINI HEART CAKES – Just like the name implies, these little love cakes require absolutely no baking, which is good news for people who are baking-impaired or just don’t feel like firing up the oven.

VALENTINE COOKIE BOUQUETS – These bouquets are simple to make and sure to be a hit with your loved one. All that’s needed are some heart-shaped cookies placed on popsicle sticks. You can put the sticks in a glass of milk or cluster them together and tie them with a ribbon. They’re a lot tastier – and cheaper – than roses, that’s for sure!

SWEETIE SWIRL CHEESECAKE BARS – What’s better than cheesecake? Not much, but the best kind of cheesecake is probably small, bite-sized cakes. That’s because each small cake contains fewer calories, which means you can eat five or six of them and not feel like you’re breaking your diet!

RED VELVET CUPCAKE – Red velvet is easily the most romantic of all the cakes. (The least romantic? Probably German chocolate, but it’s still delicious!) Cupcakes are also a great V-Day dessert because you can decorate them with all sorts of romantic hearts and candy pearls.

VALENTINE’S DESSERT FOR TWO – Technically, these simple sweets are made with Twinkies, and even though you can’t get Twinkies anymore (boooo!), you can still make this dessert using similar treats made by other companies.

STRAWBERRY CANNOLI – I know what you’re thinking: “Cannoli is delicious, but how in the world do I make it?!” I wondered the same thing until I made my first cannoli. All it really is is ricotta cheese, cream cheese and sugar stuffed into sugar ice cream cones. This recipe also uses the most romantic of fruits – strawberries!


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