save grocery shoppingIn yesterday’s entry, I delivered bad news: The USDA is forecasting a 3 to 4 percent increase in the price of groceries in 2013. But with that bad news came some good news in the form of five tips to help save a little extra money at the register. What some even better news? Here are five more tips!

AVOID THE KIDS – Grocery shopping with kids is hard enough, what with all the … kids. But did you know that a trip to the supermarket with little ones can end up costing you more than shopping without them. If you’ve ever shopped with kids, I don’t need to explain how that works.

AVOID SHOPPING ON AN EMPTY STOMACH – We’ve all heard this one: Shopping while hungry leads to impulse purchases and overspending. It’s true! Many of us shop after work, when we’re starving, which is a big no-no. Instead, shop on the weekend, right after lunch or dinner.

AVOID CANNED BEANS – I know what you’re thinking. How expensive can canned beans be, right? They’re not that expensive, but do you what’s cheaper? Bagged beans. Buy those and cook your own beans to save big. Don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than you think.

AVOID MICROWAVE POPCORN – Like canned beans, this is another food item that’s convenient, but that convenience comes with a price. Save yourself a few bucks here and there by buying popcorn in large bags and popping your own snack.

AVOID SPICE MIXES – Spice mixes and rubs taste great, don’t they? They’re also expensive. With a little experimentation using your own spices at home, you can make your own mixes. Who knows, maybe you’ll invent a signature mix and turn it into a profitable venture … or at least a delicious dinner.

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