valentine's day craftsValentine’s Day can be stressful, but it really doesn’t have to be. It’s about showing love for the people in your life, which is probably why some people feel so much pressure to find the “perfect” gift on this special day. The thing is, sometime the best gifts are the ones that are made with love by the person giving them.

Here are four ideas for homemade Valentine’s Day crafts that are sure to please both kids and adults in your life.

VALENTINE’S COUPONS – Instead of showering your loved ones with affection on only one day, why not make it a year round celebration? You can do exactly that by making a Valentine’s coupon book filled with romantic gestures and favors. Just make sure you’re willing to pay up when those coupons are redeemed! (Available for adults in link above, but also for kids.)

52 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT YOU CARDS – When is a deck of cards more than a deck of cards? When you turn it into 52 expressions of love and affection! On the front of each of these playing cards is a reason why you love someone, and the whole thing is bound together with binder rings … and love!

FOLDING HEART VALENTINE CARD – Which would you rather receive: A Valentine card purchased from the local drug store or a card that’s handmade with love? Both are nice, but I’m willing to bet almost all of us would rather get the handmade greeting. This DIY token of affection is an envelope and card all in one, and unfolds into a heart.

CRAYON HEARTS – Just like the Valentine’s card box mentioned earlier, this one is also great way to recycle something old. In this case – crayons. When broken crayons are ground up, ironed between two pieces of wax paper, cut into heart shapes and hung in a window, the result is beautiful way to save “I love you!”

HANDPRINT HEARTS – The kids will have as much fun making this as loved ones will receiving it. These are super easy to make. Just dip the kids hands in paint and write your sweet message. Funner and sweeter than buying a card from the store!

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