4 ways to create an Easter basket for under $20

easter basketEaster baskets are fun to create aren’t they? A little candy, a few small toys, some of that plastic grass. The only thing is, the cost of all those goodies can add up pretty quickly. Before you know it, that Easter Basket can carry a price tag of $40 or $50.

Thankfully, there are ways to save a few bucks when putting together an Easter Basket. How much can you save? That’s up to you, but a nice basket for under $20 is a definite possibility if you follow these simple tips.

RECYCLE YOUR BASKET – There’s no reason to buy a new basket every year. Instead, buy one nice basket and reuse it each year. Or use paper bags which have been decorated by your kids. Or a nice bowl painted with flowers. Or a wicker basket painted with pastel paints.

SHOP AT THE DOLLAR STORE – By now you should be well aware of the benefits of shopping at your local dollar store. If you aren’t familiar with the joys of dollar store shopping, here’s a reason to get familiar fast: They’re fantastic Easter basket resources. Plastic eggs, plastic grass, chocolate bunnies, even the baskets. The dollar store has it all, and all for a dollar or less!

TRY HOMEMADE TREATS – The best (and cheapest) basket treats are the ones made with love at home. To load up your basket, try packing it with coupons for kid-friendly favors like “your favorite dinner,” “a trip to the local ice cream shop,” or “an extra hour up past your bedtime.” Also try putting some cookies or other homemade treats in there.

USE LEFTOVER CANDY – Christmas and Valentine’s Day weren’t that long ago, which means you might have some candy left over, right? Now’s the time to put that stash to good use. What makes this idea even better is using Christmas and V-Day candy that you purchased after the holiday when it went on sale for 50 to 75 percent off!

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