Kmart Ad Matchup

Kmart Ad Matchup Here is this week’s Kmart Matchup. Find all the best deals here combining their weekly sales ad and coupons available. Please remember that prices can vary by zip code. Sign … [Read More...]


Target Ad Matchup 4/21

Target Ad Matchup This Target Ad Matchup includes unadvertised and gift card deals as well as the best deals using the current Target ad and coupons available. As always, we welcome feedback in … [Read More...]


Walmart Ad Matchup 4/18

Walmart Ad Matchup Here is this weeks current Walmart Ad Match with coupons. You will find the best deals to get at Walmart with all coupons available currently. Make sure to check out the … [Read More...]

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DIY Removable Laundry Room Quote

DIY Removable Laundry Room Quote only $3.73 +Free shipping This removable decal for the laundry room is cool, and a great price.  There are also many other styles to choose from.  Shipping is FREE- … [Read More...]


Thomas DVDs as low as $4 each

Thomas DVDs as low as $4 each Do you have a Thomas the Train fan at your house?  Right now Amazon has Thomas videos as low as $4 each.   There are a bunch in the $5 range.  If you have Amazon Prime … [Read More...]


Amazon Prime is Awesome

Do you have an Amazon Prime Membership? If not, what are you waiting for? Right now you can try  an Amazon Prime Membership for Free for 30days. We joined Prime 2 years ago, and  just renewed earlier … [Read More...]

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Easter Egg Cake Bites

Easter Egg Cake Bites Easter Egg Cake Bites INGREDIENTS 1 package White cake mix 3 Eggs 1/3 cup Vegetable Oil Food Coloring 1 cup Marshmallow Creme 14 oz White Melting … [Read More...]


Chick Sugar Cookie

My kids keep asking for chicks.  I don't really think this is what they had in mind,  but it is going to have to do since we aren't allowed to have chickens in our neighborhood.  I'm sure they will … [Read More...]


Spring Cleaning Challenge March 17 – The Baseboards and Floors

 Spring Cleaning Challenge March 17 - The Baseboards and Floors   Today's challenge doesn't require to much as far as detailed directions. But, it will require some time and effort (and … [Read More...]

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savings star

Savings Star – FREEBIE Friday Download-Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt

Savings Star - FREEBIE Friday Download-Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt Guess what day it is? You guessed right, it's Friday! Yes, that means the end of the work week, but it also means the Savings Star … [Read More...]

Lego club

Free LEGO Club Magazine

Free LEGO Club Magazine My son LOVES Lego. He has loved them for many years now.  We took advantage of this FREE Lego magazine offer for him a long time ago, probably a little more than 5 years … [Read More...]


My Target and Publix Trip 4/11

My Target and Publix Trip 4/11 Whew! Today was a long day of planning multiple transactions at multiple stores- gathering the coupons, and driving to the store (I remember why I don't go to … [Read More...]

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Couponing Tips

coupon clipping

Coupon Clipping Services 101: 6 reasons to use a clipping service

We’ve talked in the past about the TLC show “Extreme Couponers,” which features people who are able to save insane amounts on their weekly grocery trip thanks to the ability to collect 60 or 70 of the … [Read More...]

Using Coupons Effectively

When starting to use coupons, it can seem remarkably daunting in the beginning. Especially after watching extreme couponing shows and seeing people getting thousands of dollars in products for … [Read More...]

Coupon Terms

Here are some common couponing terms! Newspaper inserts – there are usually 2, sometimes 3, sometimes more inserts in the Sunday Paper. You are better off going with a paper with a larger … [Read More...]

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